Photoshop Elements 2021 1 User PC or MAC

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  • Moving photos – Add 2D and 3D Camera Motion effects to any photo with one click.
  • adjust face tilt – Correct the position a person’s face who may not be looking the right direction.
  • quote graphic- Create and share inspirational messages by adding text to images -personal messages, motivation quotes, etc.
  • perfect landscape Guided edit- make perfect landscape photos in just a few Guided steps.
  • duotone effect Guided edit- apply a creative duotone effect to photos for sharing on social media or printing
  • move & scale object Guided edit- select an object to move, scale, and/or duplicate

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It’s easier than ever to find photos by the people in them, the places they were taken and the events they depict. And now you can automatically find photos based on subjects like sunsets, birthdays, cats, dogs and more.

Make any snapshot extra-special with everything from one-click fixes to artistic looks. Photoshop Elements can guide you through or do it for you.

Surround yourself with your memories by creating beautiful collages, slideshows, calendars, scrapbook pages and cards.

Share with friends and family the way that works for you—Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and more.

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