• Gigabyte XTREME XMP300
  • Gigabyte XTREME XMP300

XTREME XMP300 Gaming Mouse Mat

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• Slick gliding surface for speed gameplay.
• Anti-fraying stitched edges.
• High-density Rubber Base.
• Dimension: 350 x 260 x 2mm.

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Slick Gliding Surface For Speedy Gameplay
Micro-fabric cloth with finely-weaved pattern optimizes sensor tracking performance and achieve superior slick mouse gliding.
Support Extreme Sensor DPI
The micro-fabric surface allows free mouse operations in all directions without losing control, while maintaining consistent precision even at extreme sensor DPI.
Anti-Fraying Stitched Edges
Carefully-rolled edges prevent fraying as time goes by and extends the durability.
High-Density Rubber Base
XMP300 is made of pro-gaming grade, high-density foaming rubber constructed with compact and even air bubbles to guarantee firm and flat platform for mouse gliding.

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