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CCTV Wateroovile

CCTV camera systems, service & installation covering Hampshire

Superior CCTV camera systems for Wateroovile from Scanstation Computers & Security

Welcome to Scanstation Computers & Security, your trusted provider of high-quality CCTV camera systems for Wateroovile. As an industry-leading security solution, we offer bespoke surveillance packages designed to suit your needs.


The sight of CCTV cameras is sometimes enough to deter criminal activity. But if an incident does occur, the HD quality footage is accessible immediately.

Always online

CCTV systems capture reliable, high-definition (HD) images 24 hours a day and provide an effective visual deterrent to burglars, intruders.

Clear CCTV footage for day & night

Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems in Wateroovile, equipped with digital and analogue capabilities, ensure your premises remain safe and secure 24/7.

The cameras are available in various configurations from 4 to 8 megapixels (4K UHD). These high-resolution cameras provide clear, sharp images, allowing for superior detail and accuracy in your surveillance footage.

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Bespoke DVR/NVR solutions

Our CCTV experts at Scanstation will custom-size your DVR/NVR based on your current and future needs. We consider the number of camera channels required, desired recording resolution, and any smart features to perfectly fit your surveillance needs.



Comprehensive CCTV monitoring options

We offer various monitoring options, including customer self-monitoring via smartphone alarms and CCTV apps. Furthermore, we can connect to an alarm receiving centre to analyse the signal and call keyholders or police response where required.

Our collaboration with Dualcom CSL guarantees seamless, uninterrupted surveillance. This industry-leading platform enables various monitoring options, ensuring your premises are always under watch. Whether it’s self-monitoring or professional supervision from an alarm-receiving centre, you can choose what works best for you.

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Tailored maintenance plans

We provide tailored maintenance plans to keep your CCTV system operating at its best. These plans include scheduled service visits to ensure your systems are updated and in working order. Our cover+ package even includes on-site engineer call-outs, providing peace of mind and seamless service.



Stay connected, stay secure

With our advanced CCTV camera solutions for the Wateroovile area, you can keep an eye on your premises even when on the go. Our powerful smartphone app lets you view live CCTV footage and access recordings anytime, anywhere.

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Comprehensive CCTV aftercare services

After installation, our commitment to you continues. Our Cover+ package offers immediate engineer call-outs to address any issues swiftly. We stand by the quality of our work and offer a 1-year warranty on parts and labour if any component is found at fault and not due to user error or abuse.

CCTV Enquiry

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    Where can I download the App for my CCTV

    You can get them from here. Please use the credentials we supply to log in.

    Hik-Connect Apple iPhone / iPad – Download from App Store

    Hik-Connect Android Phone / Tablet – Download from Google Play

    What are the advantages of using a CCTV system?

    CCTV cameras are a significant deterrent to potential criminals while providing vital recorded evidence if a crime occurs. They also allow for real-time surveillance and monitoring of your premises remotely via a smartphone app.

    What is Dualcom CSL and how does it enhance the security monitoring?

    Dualcom CSL is a leading platform in security system monitoring. It allows for different monitoring options, including self-monitoring and professional monitoring from an alarm receiving centre, providing a comprehensive and reliable surveillance solution.

    What is included in the quoted price?

    Our quotes are all-inclusive and transparent. They cover the cost of the cameras, recorder, software, cabling, setup, configuration, and aftercare services. There are no hidden costs.

    What warranty do you offer on your CCTV camera systems?

    We offer a 1-year parts and labour warranty on our CCTV camera systems. If any part is found to be at fault due to a manufacturing defect and not due to user error or abuse, we’ll replace it free of charge.

    How does the CCTV installation process work?

    Our team of professional engineers will handle the entire installation process. This includes setting up the cabling, cameras, recorder, and software and configuring the system for immediate use. Post-installation, we offer comprehensive aftercare services to ensure your system operates smoothly.

    Do you have questions?

    Ask us anything about or IT solutions, security or product enquiries.