Intel i5 14400 Raptor Lake 2.5 GHz (4.7 Turbo) CPU

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14th Gen Raptor Lake
i5 14400
Socket 1700
10 Cores 16 Threads
Up to 4.7GHz

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Go beyond performance with the latest 14th Generation Intel Core processors, based on the Raptor-Lake Refresh Architecture with a hybrid-design incorporating a mixture of high performance P-Cores and efficient E-Cores. The i5-14400 comes in with up to 10 cores (6 Performance and 4 Efficient Cores) and up to 16 threads. Capable of reaching maximum clock speeds of 4.7GHz and providing incredible versatility with support for PCIe 5.0 components, DDR4 and DDR5 memory and All-New Wifi 7 connectivity. Be your Best with Intel.

Newly optimised hybrid architecture and industry-leading technology enable you to go beyond gaming and creation. From progressing in-game to advancing in real life, Intel® empowers you to be your best self.

unleashes the capability to optimise the latest games and gaming software.