90W Universal Auto Sense Power Adapter (13 tips)

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The Approx automatic power adapter allows you to charge all kinds of laptops up to 90W. It has 13 tips included making it compatible with most models and brands of laptop and it automatically selects the correct voltage for your laptop.

Protection against overvoltage and short circuits
Automatic voltage selector depending on the chosen tip
Includes 13 tips compatible with most models and brands of laptop

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E2 19V 4.0×1.350 Asus
E3 19.5V 4.5×3.0 HP Blue
E5 19V 5.5×2.5 Acer, Compaq, HP, Delta, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Lite-On
E6 19V 5.5×3.0 Samsung
E7 19V 5.5×1.7 Asus, Acer
E8 19.5V 6.5×4.4 Sony, Fujitsu
E9 19.5V 7.4×5.0 Dell
E10 20V 11.5×5.0 IBM, Lenovo
E11 20V 7.9×5.57.4×5.0 IBM, Lenovo
E12 18.5V 7.4×5.0 HP
E13 18.5V/19.5V 4.8×1.7 HP, Compaq
E14 19.5V 4.5×3.0 Dell
E20 19.5V 3.0×1.0 Samsung