Dusting your computer will help to increase its efficiency which increases good output for your work. You may think that the hardware components of a computer don’t need much maintenance as software components. The truth is both the hardware and software components need essential care, they depend on each other for a better performance. You won’t be getting any disadvantages by dusting your PC but if you don’t know how to remove the parts and reassemble them then better leave this cleaning process to a professional technician. Professional technicians will be able to remove components from your PC without damaging them.

Overheating fans and dusty cooling fans

Cooling fans reduce the heat of your PC by blowing the hot-air out of your PC. If dust and debris blocks the fan from rotating then the hardware parts inside your system won’t get cool air and the hot air can’t go out to the environment. Due to this overheating may occur and damage the hardware parts. In a nutshell if a fan cannot spin due to dust blockage, then it cannot cool the PC down. This will lead to slow performance and can also cause your PC to shutdown at the most inconvenient of times.

Damaged monitor display

Your computer’s monitor screen can start to fade. If you are using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen computers you must be even more careful while handling it.

Computer life span will be reduced

If your computer is filled with dust then your computer’s hardware parts will be damaged. You will have to replace the components. If not you have to buy a new PC; Anyhow your computer’s life span will be reduced.

Alternatively we can professionally valet your computer at our repair centre in Rose Green, Bognor Regis, while it is in for a service (£49.95), Just pop in your desktop or laptop.